Learning to Fail Better with Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Review, Revise, Renew

Growing an Organic SEO + Content Strategy

A good digital marketing strategy starts with solid website design that’s embedded with a smart and flexible plan for search engine optimization (SEO) that often includes a content generation component.

Combined with thoughtful development of social media networks this will provide the foundation for success for any business or project on the web.

Challenges and obstacles are nothing new for any experienced business person but being prepared to learn and adapt on the fly are skills that take people and businesses to higher levels of success.

The web is full of weird challenges, sudden shifts in the digital landscape such as unexpected changes to Google’s algorithms, or sudden spikes in local or global news stories that can sink a careful strategy through no fault of its own.

At Eggbeater Creative we help our clients plan for and manage the success of their SEO Strategies for today and tomorrow by iterating content, measuring performance over time, making intelligent and informed changes to the strategy whenever necessary.

Nimble, Agile, Responsive, Flexible

Whatever you want to call it your plan for engaging in a SEO + Content Marketing Strategy needs to be ready for the unexpected.

Here’s some fundamentals of getting started:

  1. Know your customers. Follow and engage with them on social media. Learn their behaviours, be their friend.
  2. Keep an eye on your competition. Strategic intelligence is a thing. Take a critical look at what others in your industry are doing and use what you see to improve your strategy.
  3. Measure every interaction. The internet provides endless streams of data about your web site, social media channels, and the viral nature of your content.
  4. Analyze and interpret what you’ve measured. Not every data point is created equally. Some is noise, some is essential. Learn to know the difference.
  5. Act on the data that you’ve analyzed. What adjustments can you make to improve your numbers? How do those changes affect your strategy going forward?

Review, Revise, Renew

These three words are a handy bit of alliteration that can guide you through the process of adapting your digital marketing,  SEO + Content Strategy over time.

  • Review: look at and discuss the data that you’ve collected. Work hard to interpret it critically and imaginatively. Bring different people from your organization into the discussion and eliminate silo’d views of what the data might mean for your business.
  • Revise: take the opportunity to make informed changes to your strategy. Any revision will affect many stages of your strategy so be sure to follow all the way through.
  • Renew: commit to renewing parts of your strategy, experimenting with different approaches, during the revision and execution process. Viral content favours the bold and is often the result of serendipitous enthusiasm as it is careful planning.

A little from Column A, a little from Column B, as they say.

Hard work, attention to detail, and a responsive approach to change are keys to having a great website that attracts customers and provides you with important data that improves your business over time.

Nothing stands still for very long, certainly not the internet, so having partners who can help you make a website and plan a strategy that takes change into account is essential.

At Eggbeater Creative we’re here to help you succeed: today and tomorrow.

Contact us today, and we’ll happily work with you to create a website and a strategy that’ll help you today and tomorrow.