What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Overview of a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

Part 2 of the Eggbeater Creative SEO + Content Strategy Series. Check out Part 1, 3, and 4.

Content MarketingThe words Content Marketing Strategy – sometimes referred to as a Content Management Strategy – is a very boring term for a very good way of marketing and promoting your business.

A solid Content Management Strategy helps create content that brings visitors to your site, provides opportunities to convert them into engaged customers, and provides valuable insight into their behaviour and interactions while they’re on your website.

The word ‘content’ can refer to something as simple as writing and posting a blog post or listicle (content provided in a list format) and can include more complex digital creations such as a regular podcast, video, or live-streamed event.

This ‘content’, in whatever form is takes, will reside within a website. It will be shared using social media channels that can include places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp newsletters, and – wait for it – virtual reality. Well, eventually.

Whatever form your content takes, from the simplest written post to streaming video to the next-level interaction of VR, we can help you craft, deploy, and measure your content as it travels across the web!

It’s worth noting here that online content strategies go hand in hand with real life branding and marketing plans. The best plans are integrated for all the places you want to reach your fans and future customers.


Content is the Conversation That You’re Having with the Internet

What do you want to say, what do you want to hear?

The content that you create is what visitors, clients, customers, fans, and friends are seeing when they visit your website. It’s their first impression of who you are and what you do.

Content is also a key factor in how search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo rank your website for relevance. The more of your content that these search engines can identify as new and crafted to be relevant to your website’s audience and industry, then the higher that your site will rank.

Search engine rankings are key elements in discoverability for your business in any competitive industry. There’s lots of evidence that ranking higher than your competition on Google is very good for your business.

The style and tone of the content strategy that you create should reflect the version of your business that you want the world to see and share.

A modelling agency will have a different strategy than an IT company. A business that sell lifestyle products will behave differently online than a non-profit or social enterprise.


How You Can Unleash a Content Strategy For Your Business?

The internet is a churning volcano of information and interactions. It’s a place where even the best advice is only correct a small percentage of the time and whole business plans can be made irrelevant by an algorithm change from Google.

How can you survive, even thrive, in a place defined by so much uncertainty?

Apart from abandoning electricity, moving to a tiny island in the remote south Pacific and chasing the ghost of Paul Gaugin, we recommend embracing the uncertainty by learning how to create engaging content that you can control.

Content that not only brings visitors to your site but content that inspires visitors to action and converts them to customers.

You create and share the content. You engage and interact with visitors, customers, and clients. You add value, make the conversion, and measure the results.

You are in control!

A solid content marketing strategy makes your business stronger and smarter today and tomorrow because it puts a premium on great content, interactions with customers, and it provides you with valuable data every step along the way.

Data that you can measure, interpret, and use to your business advantage in making plans and strategies in the future.


But What Does It Look Like?

The Eggbeater Creative Fundamentals of a Solid Content Strategy include:

The Mechanics:

  1. A beautiful, fast, responsive, optimized website to serve as the base for your content and a magnet for fans and future customers.
  2. An integrated social media strategy. Active channels for sharing content, engaging with your followers, and driving traffic back to your awesome website.
  3. Tools and training for measuring and analyzing the metrics, feedback, and interactions that result from your strategy deployment!

The Plan:

  1. A clearly stated, realistic, time-bound, measurable goal (or series of goals)!
  2. A clear core message that hits consistently across all channels.
  3. A genuine voice – or voices if you have a team approach to monitoring your channels – for the company or project that brings enthusiasm and caring to every interaction; whether it’s online, on the phone, or IRL.
  4. The patience and energy to test/measure/adapt/iterate your plan every day. This doesn’t mean the plan changes, it means that the plan becomes sharper because you’re engaged with it, because you want it to succeed.


Where Do We Go From Here?


The internet is always on, always changing. Your competition continues to churn through their own campaigns and strategies, expanding their own reach and networks.

The information that you’ve gained, the relationships and interactions that you’ve developed, and the ideas that have grown out of your strategy feed the next one.

With every interaction you’re better and smarter than you were before, more adaptable to the changes that will come, more confident in how to use the internet to your advantage.

At Eggbeater we’re here to help with whatever you need to make your web strategy the best that it can be.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to create a Content Marketing Strategy designed to fit the unique needs of your business.