The Power of Using Video on Your Website Landing Page

Use Video on Your Website to Engage and Convert Visitors

Brands and organizations are turning to video to engage customers, demonstrate products & services, help to solve people’s problems, and improve their reputations.

Video has come a long way since 2005 when YouTube emerged from the ether and changed how we use the internet; challenging tv and movies to raise their game, and shredding perspectives on copyright along the way.

Video dominates social media, too.

Apps like Vine (RIP), Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and now Instagram TV (to be discussed in another upcoming post here in the Eggbeater Resource Centre) to name just a few, make video a ubiquitous part of experiencing the web whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Video is Inexpensive and Easy to Create

If cost is an issue, please remember that production and editing costs can be minimized by using smart phones, inexpensive point and shoot cameras, and free online video editing software.

Many people also use tools like Go-Pro or drones to create engaging, unique video content.

Hosting Video Online is Free and Improves SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet.

Second only to Google, bigger than Bing!, Yahoo!, and any of the others, YouTube is the place that people go to be entertained and to find answers to questions.

Over 1 billion visitors a month, 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, reaches the coveted 18 – 34 year old demographic better than television ever has.

YouTube allows you to create and brand your own account. You can upload and host the videos there and then either embed the videos in your site or share the links across social media channels.

Once your channel and video are posted then YouTube acts as an additional powerful level of SEO – search engine optimization – for your business or organization.

It drives customers to you.

Our Clients Use Video to Great Effect on their Websites

One of our clients, Coastal First Nations, used video on their landing page to tell their story and evoke their personality for visitors right away.

A mix of beautifully shot short videos craftily edited together to tell a story of rich ecology, ancient beauty, and thriving communities working together to protect their delicate coastal environment.

It provides a profound, beautiful, and welcoming introduction to their work.

CFN is an alliance of nine BC First Nations who have gathered together to oppose the rapid depletion of natural resources in the coastal territories of the Great Bear Rainforest which is located on Canada’s ecologically diverse west coast.

The use of video in this way allows you to tell your story in a combination of moving images and text that engages your visitors in ways that still images and text alone cannot achieve.

It creates movement and energy that drives your visitors through your site and will leave your visitors with a heightened impression of professionalism toward your business or organization.

Check out this screen capture of the landing page for Coastal First Nations.

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