Regrettable Album Design

So Bad, It’s… Just Bad.

These WTF terrible album designs were all created by one of the grand fraternities of the design community, so it’s with a small degree of uncertainty that we share these on a design site, but away we go..

Our favourites:


Just “Ken”. Love Ken… the leisure suit, hair-helmet and distant gaze… guess they skipped the art director and pulled resources from the mini-mall portrait studio.


It’s great when 14 year-old boys are in charge of the art production.


Non Gracias por la horrid jumpsuits and boots. The beginning of the end of postal service.


Thank goodness there’s someone out there with the courage to sing for these overlooked, often misunderstood pets.


  1. Jazz flute?
  2. Hairy chest overtop of beer belly?
  3. Bald and sweaty?

Well fellas, I think we’ve got an album cover for the ladies now don’t we?


Who are four guys with day jobs who like to pretend this didn’t really happen?


Yes, trees talk too. Especially through a wooden Michael Jackson puppet.


Future Swingers Of America founders…


Oh Tino… look at you…


Is this Hansen?


I’m pretty sure I saw all four of those outfits at Value Village last Sunday


Regrettable copywriting at its finest.

We could stare at this artwork for hours.

Okay, so this is just about the greatest thing we’ve ever seen! Love it!!

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