What is Search Engine Optimization?

Overview of SEO

Part 1 of the Eggbeater Creative SEO + Content Strategy Series. Check out Parts 2, 3, and 4.

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short – is the art and science of coordinating a variety of different factors like content development, site architecture, speed, and social media strategies to ensure that your site appears at or near the top of Google’s ranking for keywords (search terms) that are specific to your business or industry.

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of any good web strategy and it should be front of mind from the moment that you begin to think about your new site. By including SEO thinking into the earliest part of planning for your site you’ll have an outcome that is nimble and more adaptable to changes in algorithms and consumer behaviours over time.

Search engines reward pages that achieve the right blend of ranking factors. These factors, also called algorithms, change all the time.

Google, the biggest and most influential search engine on the internet, changes its algorithms regularly. Sometimes there are major changes to algorithms at Google a couple of times a week.

All of this uncertainty and change makes it essential to build an SEO strategy into your site from the very beginning. By taking the initiative to be adaptable and informed you’ll save your business time and trouble down the road.

Some Key Elements of SEO

  1. Fast and responsive site architecture with every page ‘crawlable’ by all major search engines.
  2. Solid keyword research into which terms your potential and future clients are using to find businesses or services like yours on the internet.
  3. Well written, engaging, shareable content optimized to maximize discovery.
  4. Consistent, energized social media strategy that supports and shares site content with a strong, authoritative voice.

Benefits of Solid SEO

Bottom line: Data. Data! DATA DATA DATA.

Information that you can use to make better decisions for your business today and tomorrow.

Any site that’s built with a great Search Engine Optimization strategy in mind will include various analytic tools to measure the site’s effectiveness and impact as it travels across the internet. The Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is the industry standard tool for gathering site data but unfrotunately it also includes many built-in blindspots that can leave you scratching your head.

At Eggbeater we have a suite of applications that we use to dig deeper into your site data and provide reports and analysis about the performance of your site, the behaviours of your visitors, industry trends, and insights into what your competition is doing in the digital space.

The more data you have at your disposal to review and interpret the more informed your business decisions can be.

Beautiful, Fast, Responsive, Optimized

SEO is just one part of a successfully designed website. It should be flawlessly integrated into the site architecture and support the beautiful, responsive look and feel to provide a smooth, engaging experience that converts visitors into customers.

Once you have the customer in your branded digital space you can begin to build a long term relationship with them using fresh content and an engaging strategy.

Without a solid SEO Strategy your website may be little more than a brochure flapping in the digital breeze on the internet. Unable capture the attention of potential customers or provide you with the data to inform business decisions. The same data and customer attention that your competition is enjoying.

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