Working Together with Content: Why We Use GatherContent

Clarity and Certainty: Our Commitment to Your Content

Organizing content for a graphic design or website design project is a process that requires a high degree of organization, attention to detail, and communication.

At Eggbeater Creative we use a collaborative content management tool called GatherContent to ensure that the process of managing content is easy, time-bound, and accountable.

What is GatherContent?

GatherContent is a web-based tool for gathering, editing, managing, and reviewing content for projects that require input and attention from team members whether they’re in the office, across town, or around the world.

By organizing projects according to desired outcomes and providing permissions and deadlines for all team members, GatherContent is a platform for keeping your project organized and on time.

Why Do We Use GatherContent?

Because content matters. Content can be overlooked during the design and development process. It often arrives late and is scattered across several different formats (like Google docs, Word Docs, Dropbox, etc.) and this can make things very complicated and confusing for all team members.

GatherContent ensures that all of your content is organized in one central place and is a part of the design and development process from the very beginning.

By following this proactive process we ensure that your content is complete, correct, and signed-off on by all involved parties before it goes live.

Multiple Contributors to Every Project

One of the best features is that it allows for multiple contributors to every project each with their own level of access and permissions.

Many projects require contributions from several different team members who may be adding content from different locations. GatherContent makes this easy as all content is stored in the cloud and is available to all team members at any time.

How Does GatherContent Benefit a WordPress Site?

At Eggbeater Creative we are committed to a providing an end-to-end content management process that guides our clients from the initial gathering phase straight into the transfer to WordPress.

Because all of the content is organized and in one place it is easy to transfer everything – text, audio, video, and graphic content – straight into the new WordPress site with a click of a button.

Your content will migrate in one seamless transfer from your approved project into WordPress where it can be incorporated into the design and development process.

Why is GatherContent a Game Changer?

GatherContent removes complications from the communication, collaboration, and content management process.

Gone are the days of content being created and shared in multiple different formats (Word files, Google Docs, etc.) with a variety of different naming conventions all within one project.

GatherContent ensures that all text is organized, edited, and reviewed to meet client specifications before it is transferred to WordPress for incorporation into the design.

By eliminating conflicting file types and organizing content from the beginning in ways that will reflect the desired end product, Eggbeater provides our clients with peace of mind in an organized, time-bound process.

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